Who Am I?

I am a Network Marketer and Digital Entrepreneur. Follow me on my social channels to discover more about my work.


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My Journey

I started my journey in Network Marketing after graduating from a prestigious Engineering college as a software engineer. From my childhood, I always wanted to live my life on my own terms. I knew that working a 9 to 5  job won’t give me fulfillment. At a very young age I started reading self-help books and one day I stumbled upon “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” This book changed my thought process completely about life and profession.

When I started Network Marketing, I had to face a lot of flak from people because doing a Job is acceptable and honoured but Network Marketing is viewed as completely opposite to that. With ups and downs in my journey I achieved six figures in my company and I am thankful to God that under my Leadership a lot of people are earning substantially from this business.