What is the future of Network Marketing?

What is the future of Network Marketing?

What is the future of network marketing? A question you may ask yourself if looking to join a company, or you might already be with a network marketing company and curious about the future of the industry you are in.

In today’s uncertain financial climate more and more people are fearing for their job security, pensions, savings, investments and house value. Everywhere you look there are cuts and streamlining. Governments are cutting public sector staff, pensions and investment. Private sector firms are tightening budgets throughout and making redundancies, here in the UK there are even redundancies being made in the armed forces. So it is natural to question the future of network marketing also.

Some of the leading figures in the business world have talked about and sang the praises of the mlm industry. Donald Trump and Warren Buffet are two of the biggest names in the business world to praise the network marketing and direct selling industry. There are around 57 million people in mlm companies worldwide and over 100,000 new people join an mlm every week. These are impressive numbers but in comparison to all working adults worldwide the numbers are tiny. This is why the opportunity is at its best right now, there has never been a better time to get involved in network marketing and to build yourself a full time and residual income, and future forecasts have concluded its only going to get bigger bigger in the next 5-10 years.

So back to the question what is the future of network marketing? My best answer is a very bright one, with massive opportunity for people to change their lives and secure their financial futures.

Zeeshan Syed

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