Top 8 Reasons to Join Network Marketing In 2020?

Top 8 Reasons to Join Network Marketing In 2020?

Why you should join Network Marketing

Network Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in India. It has grown from 5000 crores in 2010 to 10000 crores in 2020. There are some major points in this blog post which will help you to understand the top reasons to join Network Marketing.

#1 – Passive Income

Who doesn’t like something extra? If we get a chance, we hop on the opportunity to get it.

Network Marketing gives you one of the best opportunities to earn part-time income. Some people earn part-time income, more than their full-time income.

In Network Marketing, there’s no fixed time limit. You can work as per your schedule. Some people who work a 9 to 5 job can easily spare some hours to start their Network Marketing Business.

Many People in Network Marketing started as part-timers and now they have created a fortune out of it.

#2 – Zero to Minimum Investment

Almost every business on this planet requires some investment. People often fear not starting a business because of the huge investments involved.

In Network Marketing, you don’t need to invest a huge amount to start. Many companies offer zero enrollment fees.

In my experience of over 5 years. I have seen this factor as one of the top reason to join Network Marketing.

#3 – A chance to earn unlimited income

There are a lot of ambitious people out there who want to earn unlimited income, but they don’t have the resources to even get started.

Network Marketing provides a wonderful opportunity to earn unlimited income(depends upon your hard work).

I recently came to know about this legend Igor Alberts who has earned more than 110 million dollars in 30 years.

Mind-Boggling. Isn’t it?

#4 – no degree/special skills required

You need to have a degree or some special set of skills to earn money

In MLM, no one would ask you for a degree or your skills.

How easy it is to earn money in Network Marketing.

We just need people and hard work to earn money in this business. Skills required to develop in this business are taught by uplines and leaders for free or with a minimal charge.

A small investment in ourselves can help us to earn money very easily.

#5 – Flexible Timings

Imagine that you want to start exercising, but you can’t wake up early. You get time in the evening but your office timings are not flexible with your gym time.

You have to sacrifice something.

You can’t leave your job.

So you sacrifice your morning sleep to include your exercise time in your schedule. For me, this was one of the top reason to join Network Marketing.

MLM gives you flexible timings to work. You don’t have fixed hours of working.

I like this thing in Network Marketing because I want to have freedom over my time and Network Marketing has this feature.

It is one of the best things for women in Network Marketing.

#6 – Getting Recognized

Many people work hard in their jobs and other fields. But rarely do they get recognized for their achievements. In some cases, people often pay the price for their good work.

MLM companies give special ranks to their achievers. When you advance to a certain rank, you get recognized by the company. Big rank achievers get recognition in front of thousands of people.

I have met so many people in Network Marketing who say that they are not here only for the money, But for the recognition and affection, they get from the company and its distributors.

#7 – Royalty Income

For those who don’t know about Royalty Income. I will tell you briefly that this is an income which is earned by Scientists, Musicians and Authors. They earn this income even after their death.

Many MLM companies have the facility of nomination. You can give the name of your nominee. After your death, Your business will be shifted under the nominee and all the perks and incentives would be given to the nominee.

Some Network Marketing Companies offer this facility up to 3 generations.

If you are looking for a secure profession than I must say that Network Marketing is the opportunity you should not pass on.

#8 – Stress-Free Profession

I know so many people around me who could swap their money with peace. Some are just stuck in their profession because they don’t have any other option.

My experience in Network Marketing has been great. I have been associated with a great company and I have got some amazing people on my team. In 3 Years, I have experienced very low level of stress.

My advice to you is that if you are a person who can’t handle a lot of stress and still aspire to become something big then Network Marketing is the best profession for you.

I hope that these 8 Reasons are big enough to help you make a successful career in Network Marketing. If you liked this post then make sure to share it with your friends.

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